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Topsy Twist is the newest yarn base from Topsy Yarns. It is a gloriously rustic, 100% Canadian, worsted weight yarn. 

Inspired by the palette of the farm, Topsy Twist yarn is a unique assortment of colours. Dyed specifically for Topsy, Twist is a soft, beautiful two-ply. Perfect for all your crafting needs, Twist is Topsy's premier yarn.


  • 210 yards per 110g skein
  • Gauge - approx. Depending on tension worsted 18-22 sts per 4" with 4.5mm 
  • Unbleached, washed in natural soap only
  • Non-superwash (handwash only)
  • Great for felting

Topsy Farms 100% Canadian wool yarn is squishy, rustic, and wonderful to work with. It is unbleached and washed only in natural soap, leaving it soft with natural lanolin and sturdy with unbroken fibres.  Talk about cozy!!  It is not uncommon to find bits of vegetable matter in your skeins, so simply pick out the bits and keep on knitting!