Pacific Knit | Doodle Decks

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Endless customization with one pattern - now in your favorite portable colorwork stitch dictionary! Use these modular, mix-and-match motifs to design and knit the perfect pattern! Knit it again and again, because you'll never get bored!

Want to practice colorwork with a pattern that's so engaging you can't put it down?

Choose your construction method, choose your charts, choose your order/colors, and start knitting!

Because these are basically a full deck of cards, they each include several individual digital pattern chart sets, in order to get up to the 51 Chart standard:

  • Basic Deck includes Basic Doodle (plus additional motifs only in the deck)
  • Spring Deck includes Valentine Doodle and Floral Doodle
  • Summer Deck includes Ocean Doodle and Mountain Doodle
  • Autumn Deck includes Autumn 1, Autumn 2, and Autumn 3 Doodles
  • Winter Deck includes Holiday 1, Holiday 2, and Winter Skies Doodles

NOTE: Each of the Expansion Doodle Decks includes 24 unique colorwork charts, 2 cowl patterns, and an instruction card, all wrapped up a custom-printed cardboard tuck box.

Because all the Doodle Card Decks work together, you can pair any of them together to make some really fun projects!