Lykke Blush DPNs 6"

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Love Double Pointed Needles but don't need a whole set? If wooden needles are your fave, the Lykke Blush 6" DPNs are the needles you need. 

The light pink colour on the needles make knitting with darker yarns a bit easier, providing a nice contrast between the yarn colour and needle. 

Lykke needles are made of strong birch wood, making them a great all-purpose knitting needle. The Blush needles from Lykke are a very popular needle and we are happy to have them in our shop. 

Lykke stands behind its products and comes with a 5-year manufacture warranty against defects. Simply head to the Lykke Crafts website fill out the return form and they will send you a replacement right away. Yet another reason to love your Lykke's.