ChiaoGoo | Shorties Sets

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These are my FAVOURITE needles for sleeves!  Sure, they take a few rounds to get used to but once you have found your groove, sleeve island is a piece of cake!  Choose your MINI set for your smaller needle tips and SMALL for your not-as-small needle tips. *see below*

The TWIST “SHORTIES” interchangeable system contains 2″ and 3″ (5cm & 8cm) tips allowing knitters to make short circulars 9″ through 14″ (23cm – 36cm) long, including differential circulars. The LARGE set makes 12" to 14" circulars - perfect for sweater knitters (sleeves, anyone) 

TWIST 'SHORTIES' MINI comes with 12 sets of ChiaoGoo's surgical, stainless steel needle tips in sizes 2.00mm - 3.25mm (US 0 - US 3).  End stoppers, tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers, 3 MINI cords, and a mini needle gauge, are all together in a functional red zippered case.  The tips are secure in a red fabric pouch with labeled pockets and a snap closure to tuck away your short little needles when not in use. 

TWIST "SHORTIES' SMALL includes the same goodies as the MINI but the needle tips range from 3.50mm - 5.00mm (US 4 - US 8) & the cords are blue x-flex cables (same as the red but EXTRA flexible). 

TWIST "SHORTIES" LARGE includes 4, 3" sets of surgical, stainless tips in sizes 5.50mm - 8.00mm (US5.5-8). Three next generation, memory free (LG) Swivel cables in 6" (2) & 8" (1) lengths, end stoppers, tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers, a heart-shaped gripper + a 3" square swatch/needle gauge.