Summer 2023 Travel Club | Custom Yarn + Stitch Marker

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Are you ready to take a trip with us!? Join us this summer as we turn some of our favourite vacations into beautiful, fun, custom colours from FOUR lovely Canadian Indie Dyers!  Tucked in with your beautiful yarn will be a precious hand-made stitch marker designed and created by Lali from Ocean Loops Design in Calgary, AB.

Each month includes ONE skein of custom dyed yarn + ONE custom stitch marker.

Pick and choose the month(s) you want or pre-order all four months and save.

In June we are launching this fun Travel Club with "Let's Go To Mexico", dyed by Lily & Pine. This gorgeous colourway reminds us of the bright colours of Mexico. The bright blue sky, the painted doors, and the stunning beaches all come to life in this colour. Pink, orange and green speckles are perfect on the pretty yellow and blue gently dyed yarn.  Yarn: Day Lily Sock | 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon | 115g/420y/384m

July takes us to Cuba! Christine LOVES Cuba and Zoe from Woolerton Estates is taking us down memory lane with their colourway inspired by the brightly coloured streets of Havana. Havana is a world heritage sight and it is hard not to be swept away by the vibrant and beautiful surroundings. Yarn: The Vacationer | 80/20 SW Merino/Bamboo | 100g/436y

In August we are back in Canada! Join us as we head to Nova Scotia! At the end of 2019, we took a fabulous family trip to Nova Scotia. This was a trip to remember. The views from the house were stunning, overlooking Mina's Basin, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy. The pinks, reds and rusts of the sand, combined with the brilliant shades of greens are impossible to describe but Lora from Campfiber Yarns is working her magic to bring them to life on her non-superwash fingering base. Yarn: 100% NON-Superwash Merino | 100g/436y/400m

In September, Elise from Sunday Fibre Co takes us on a journey to Paris! Are you ready to fall in love...? We will see the colours of Paris come to life when Elise creates a special colourway to celebrate this beautiful city. As we walked through the city, it was impossible to ignore the beautifully painted doors. What a perfect way to find inspiration! Elise will be dying the Paris colourway on her Kindred Organic Fingering base, a gorgeous non-superwash base. Yarn: 100% NON-superwash Organic Merino | 100g/437y/400m | 4-ply