Hat Kit | Three Pattern Suggestions Hand Dyed yarn paired with Mohair or Suri

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Pattern Idea #1  | We contacted Isabell Kraemer for her permission to make kits and share with you the free Leni Hat pattern on Ravelry.  We are pleased to say that they were happy to have us create kits for the pattern!  The pattern is FREE and can be downloaded here

Each kit includes one skein of superwash merino sock yarn and one ball of Rico Mohair Loves Silk OR one skein of Dandelion Lace Baby Suri Alpaca/Silk

  • The sock yarn skeins vary from 420y - 463y 
  • Mohair balls are 220 yards/200 meters
  • Dandelion Lace skeins are 328 yards (50g)

Required for the hat: 200 (220, 238) yds of each
Note: Yardage includes optional pompom.

According to the pattern, this will be enough to complete one hat.  If you are knitting the largest size and wish to make a pom-pom, you might want to add a second ball of mohair, just to be safe.  You could always add a faux-fur pom-pom instead! Find them here.

Find extra balls of mohair here OR extra skeins of Dandelion Lace here

Pattern Idea #2 | Tif Neilan launched the Clove & Twine toque and it is another perfect pattern for our kits.  Grab your pattern here and get knittin'! 

Pattern Idea #3 | The Gratitude Hat by Josée Paquin is another great hat using one strand of mohair with one strand of fingering weight yarn.  

Mohair or Baby Alpaca Suri adds a beautiful halo to our projects and adds an extra touch of warmth as well.  When we play around, holding two strands of yarn together, the effects can be so beautiful.  

If your sock yarn and your mohair are similar in colour, you will not see much of a change in the colour of your finished project.  When you add a darker mohair with a pale sock yarn it is almost like the lighter yarn glows underneath and the mohair adds shadows and texture.  It is a really beautiful way to play with colour.  Enjoy!