ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Tips | 5"

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Sharp tips, Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, a large variety of sizes and no-kink cords are just a few reasons why the ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Needles are SO GOOD!  Trust us when we say that once you try these, your life will be better!  The sharp tips make doing increases a breeze and the matte finish makes them slick but not too slippery.  Grab a pair and give them a try!

Things to remember when choosing your matching cord;

Mini [M] 1.50 mm - 2.50 mm tips require MINI [M] Cables
Small [S] 2.75 mm - 5.00 mm tips require SMALL [S] Cables 
Large [L] 5.50 mm - 10.00 mm tips requires LARGE [L] Cables