Why Do I Need Fancy Stitch Markers?

Well, you don't need fancy stitch markers but we think they make knitting or crocheting way more fun!  Collecting stitch markers is a hobby too, right? 

What are Stitch Markers for? Believe it or not, Stitch Markers are more than just cute little charms or rings; they have a purpose, we promise! You have probably noticed that there are several different types of markers and while we are firm believers in the 'there are no rules' method of making, here are some helpful suggestions on where you might want to use these little tools.

Solid Rings, like the ones you will find here | Solid rings come in handy when you are marking your increases or decreases. We use the solid rings when a pattern suggests marking the beginning of a row while knitting in the round. It is easy to get distracted when you are knitting away, working on some mindless knitting so having a visual reminder is always helpful. Quite often while working a pattern with several repeats, we will use our solid rings to mark the beginning and end of a repeat. Another fun way to mark your increases or decreases are with these helpful, removable markers from Twill & Print.

Removable Lobster Clasp, like these guys | Removable markers (also  called Progress Keepers) are useful when you are crocheting or knitting because they open to attach directly to your project, reducing the risk of having them fall off and disappear into the couch cushions. We find them very useful when knitting sleeves in the round when required to complete a series of decreases after a specific number of rounds. Simply attach these handy markers to your decrease round, continue the next 'X' number of rounds and mark that decrease with another marker. This will help take the guessing game out of how many decrease rounds you did. Set aside one stitch marker for each decrease round you have to complete and once you are out of markers, you know you are done decreasing.

Happy Making!