Mindful Collection Believe Set | 5"

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Another beautiful set in the Mindful Collection is this 7-piece set of interchangeable knitting needle tips. 

BELIEVE - The set is enclosed in a beautiful, fabric case with a lovely silver charm zipper. Inspirational words are printed on each needle size. They are clearly visible and are there to inspire you and bring you a moment of positivity and peace.

The sizes in this set are some of the most popular; 3.00mm - 5.00mm (US 2.5 - US 8.0)


  • 1 swivel cords (360 degree rotational): 1 cord each of 24”, 32”
  • 2 Fixed Cords: 1 cord each of 24”, 32”
  • Accessories: 4 End Caps, 2 Cord Keys, 1 Pair Of Cord Connectors
  • 1 Needle Gauge, 2 Darning Needles, 10 Locking Stitch Markers, 10 Split Stitch Markers, 30 Round Stitch Markers