Estelle Outback Chunky

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Outback Chunky is soft, beautiful, is made from Australian Wool, and is perfect for rugs, sweaters, pillows, slippers, hats...  It is 100% NON-Superwash and felts up like a dream which makes it a great yarn for your felting projects like slippers or bags.  

  • 125 meters/137 yards p/100g
  • Needle Size/Tension: 6mm | 14sts

Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry, or machine wash vigorously for durable felted projects!

Use Outback Chunky to make the World's Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits

OR make Sharon's Glamping Blanket by Casapinka 

OR the Itty Bitty Raglan is a great little sweater!