Topsy Farms Yarn | Aran Weight

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**Jan 2022 Update - Topsy Farms is unable to send us any more yarn due to production and supply issues. What we have is all we will have for quite some time. 

Topsy Farms 100% Canadian wool yarn is squishy, rustic, and wonderful to work with. It is unbleached and washed only in natural soap, leaving it soft with natural lanolin and sturdy with unbroken fibres.  Talk about cozy!!  It is not uncommon to find bits of vegetable matter in your skeins, so simply pick out the bits and keep on knitting!

The Powder Wrap by Casapinka would be so beautiful knit with Topsy Aran!

  • 100% Canadian sheep wool
  • 3 ply Aran weight
  • Approximately 130 yards per skein/113 grams