Emily C. Gillies Yarn | BFL Worsted

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BFL worsted is a new base just added to the Emily C. Gillies collection and we can't be happier about its arrival!  This 4 ply, non-superwash yarn that has some serious stitch definition - think colourwork, hats, mitts, or this gorgeous shawl by Andrea Mowry.  

Important to note: as with all hand-dyed yarn you will see a slight difference in tone from skein to skein.  If you are making something with two or more skeins is it often a good idea to alternate skeins as you knit.  This will help blend from one skein to another. 

BFL Worsted 

BFL = Blue Faced Leicester

4 ply 100% untreated, non-superwash BFL

16sts-20sts per 4" in stockinette

200yards/183 meters p/115g 

Handwash in tepid water with your favourite wool wash. Lay flat to dry and then wear proudly.